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Humor is a powerful tool for connection, but when considering incorporating racial identities into comedic materials, there needs to be careful conversations before introducing the topic to audiences. Many audiences enjoy attending or viewing sit-down comedy showings, and as seen in class, some comedians choose to address racial categories in their shows. This topic seemsContinue reading “Comedy”


Blog Post Week 12

Iggy Azalea’s Post-Racial Mess: America’s Oldest Race Tale, Remixed provides one perspective in the conversation of appropriation in the music video. Discussions on issues regarding cultural appropriation are not easily addressed, including the issue of Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy”. Navigating the challenges these situations pose is especially difficult, especially when considering how marginalized communitiesContinue reading “Blog Post Week 12”

Week 11 Post

With America’s complex, and even painful, history with identity and  immigration, it is difficult to begin to consider the roots of issues that are still present in contemporary society. The reading “Whiteness and the history of White Ethnics” unpacks and begins the conversations of America’s complicated issues with white identity. I recognize that engaging inContinue reading “Week 11 Post”

Coyote Nation

With November being Native American Heritage Month, it is especially important to engage in conversations regarding Native American culture, identity, and history. This week’s assigned reading, Coyote Nation, gave valuable insight into Native identity and history. As an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, I know how important it is for me toContinue reading “Coyote Nation”

Indigenous Peoples Day

This Monday served as the strong beginning for a beautiful week of celebration of Native American culture, history, and expression for Indigenous Peoples Day. For Native populations, this holiday is celebrated in various, deeply significant ways. For my family, this week was filled with meetings with tribal officials, engaging in conversations regarding Native expression andContinue reading “Indigenous Peoples Day”

Podcast Thoughts

The Southlake podcast provides a closer glimpse on the racial tension of that lives in the distinguished Texas city. Especially interesting to me was the at-large community’s response to presented actions in Southlake’s diversity plans. My heart hurts to know that students with unique backgrounds, diverse cultures, and different “looks” experienced such pain. Some ofContinue reading “Podcast Thoughts”

First Reflections

Critical Race Theory has been hotly debated and discussed by our nation’s most recognized and notable leaders, with serious divisiveness on viewpoints and perspectives. The Trump Administration’s statement on Critical Race Theory raised serious concerns from notable members of the TCU community. It is interesting to note the Trump Administration expressed a sense of prideContinue reading “First Reflections”

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